Major/Minor in Media Studies

Mass media forms, from print, photography, film, radio and broadcast television to interactive and social media are shaping the course of global history as well as the daily routines of individual lives.  New and emerging platforms and applications of digital culture play key roles in the transformations underway in contemporary society and culture. The major in Media Studies teaches students to think systematically about the workings and meanings of these rapidly changing technologies, activities and systems and their manifold cultural impacts across the globe.

Students majoring and minoring in Media Studies will:

  • engage with ideas relating to how media shape society and how they can be used for broad societal impact;
  • cultivate a perspective of engaged citizenship by learning how to navigate, filter, and evaluate mediated information and imagery; and
  • consider media forms, content, reception and production in local, national and international/global contexts of creativity, art, technology, and industry.
  • Analyze the forms and functions of media, understanding them in relation to histories and theories of aesthetics, cultural production, genre, narrative, and communications.

The Media Studies major and minor provide an interdisciplinary experience focused on old, new and digital media and bring together courses taught by professors from across the campus whose research and expertise address a range of topics in media arts and studies.  The major is comprised of over forty courses from ten different departments or programs: American Studies, Anthropology, East Asian Studies/ Japanese Studies, Film and Media Studies, IDS, Political Science, Religion, REES and Sociology. 

Media Studies enhances its course curriculum with special screenings and guest speakers on campus, in addition to off-campus internships and film festivals. The department is very much a part of the film community in Atlanta and beyond. There are plenty of places in Atlanta to see films of every imaginable genre.

Why Study Media?

The major and minor in Media Studies allow students to choose from among a wide array course offerings from which they can focus on particular media issues-commerce and creativity, art and industry, popular culture, and political power. It also brings together interested professors from across the campus whose own research addresses a range of topics in media arts and studies. Importantly, the new Media Studies major and minor address all framing principles of Emory's Strategic Plan, as updated in September 2009.