Major in Film Studies

Requirements for the Major

Students are required to take forty semester hours (10 courses) in Film Studies, twenty-four hours of which comprise the department's core curriculum. Each of the following courses is required:

  • Introduction to Film (FILM 270) Every semester
  • History of Film to 1954 (FILM 371) Fall only
  • History of Film Since 1954 (FILM 372) Spring only
  • Classical Film Theory (FILM 381) Fall only
  • Contemporary Film and Media Theory (FILM 382) Spring only
  • Documentary Film and Media History (FILM 393) or National Cinemas (FILM 395, 396)

In addition, students are also required to complete sixteen hours (4 courses) in elective film studies credits, four hours (1 course) of which must be taken at the 400-level.