PhD Certificate in Film Studies

The Film Studies faculty at Emory University offers a master's program and a PhD certificate in the methodologies of film theory, history, and criticism. The program trains its students to be astute and discriminating critics and analysts of film and media art; it strengthens their critical thinking through an awareness of the philosophical and aesthetic debates in film and media theory; and it provides students with a thorough knowledge of cinema and media history as a dynamic form of cultural expression. With this background, our Ph.D. Certificate alumni are well-qualified for careers in teaching and scholarly research.

Although we do not offer a Ph.D. degree in our Department, we do offer a Ph.D. certificate in cooperation with other departments on campus. If you plan to pursue a Ph.D. certificate, you must apply to a Ph.D. program at Emory that sponsors students interested in film (these include Art History, Comparative Literature, English, French and Italian, the Graduate Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA), Sociology, and Women's Studies). If you are accepted into one of these programs, you may pursue a concentration in film at the Ph.D. level. The certificate is designed to extend graduate students' range of knowledge of the twentieth century's most influential art form, as they specialize in the theories and histories of culture and media.