2018 Annie Hall awards announced

May 2018

The selection committee announced the winners of the 2018 prizes for the Annie Hall Writing Award presented by Department of Film and Media Studies. 

The Annie Hall Writing Award selection committee is pleased to announce the winners of 2018 prizes:

Undergraduate Awards


  • 1st Place

Maron Tate, “Reconstructed Womanhood as Seen in the Progression of Spanish Cinema through the Fascist Era.”

  • 2nd Place

Margaret Pavleszek, “The Sound of Mae West: The Commodity of Voice in She Done Him Wrong.”

  • Honorable Mention

Sarah Kelley, “From Manhattan to Manila: The Cinematic Portrayal of The Japanese Occupation in The Philippines.”


  • 1st Place

Sumera Dang, “Personal Branding in the Digital Age and its Effect on TV.”

  • 2nd Place

Caitlin Sweet, “The Paradox of Constance: Dualism in Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound.”

  • Honorable Mention

Sylvie Moscowitz,“Cats of History” Digital Project

Nina Patricof, “Sameness and Difference in In Darkness and Au Revoir Les Enfants.”


  • 1st Place:

Tianyi Yao, “Reel to Real?: The Cautionary Tale of Lust Onscreen.”

  • 2nd Place:

Jumi Ekunseitan, “On This Side of Town: Asserting Space and Mobility in Chris Robinson’s ATL.”

  • Honorable Mention:

Sara Grasberg, “Psychoanalysis Meets Phenomenology in Park Chan-wook’s Stoker.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who submitted their work for consideration. We had a record number of submissions this year, which meant that we had the great fortune of reading through many excellent papers that reflect the high quality of the undergraduate and graduate work being done in the Department of Film and Media Studies. This made the decision very difficult for us, but the process only confirmed our knowledge that we have some fantastic students! We look forward to seeing your submissions for next year’s awards.