Concentration in Film and Media Management

Film and Media Management students visit actor Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman at production offices of the film, "Mena."

The purpose of the concentration is to provide students with knowledge, competencies and experiences directed towards pursuing film or media as a post-graduate or professional option.

  • BBA students who complete this concentration will acquire grounding that will enable them to understand film and media in its historical and contemporary context as an evolving narrative form.
  • Film Studies students who complete this concentration will acquire grounding that will enable them to understand the infrastructure and market mechanisms that support the creation and distribution of media content.
  • All students will have the opportunity to pursue industry-related electives drawn from business and film disciplines. Finally, students will participate in a capstone course that will give them the opportunity to synthesize and validate their evolving perspectives in both an academic and an applied environment.

This concentration is collaboration between the Department of Film and Media Studies in Emory College and the Goizueta Business School BBA Program.

Requirements for Concentration

Core: Junior Year

Film Core for BBA students

  • FILM 270 Introduction to Film Every semester
  • FILM 372 History of Film since 1954 Spring only

BBA Core for Film Studies majors (choose 2 of the following)

  • BUS 220 Finance for Non-business Students
  • BUS 330 Organization and Management
  • BUS 340 Marketing Management

Electives: Junior or Senior Year

2 Electives from a list including but not limited to the following. At least one of these electives must be in the program that is not the student's own School of enrollment.

  • FILM 356 History of American Television Spring only
  • FILM 376 Narrative Fiction Filmmaking
  • FILM 377 Narrative Filmmaking II
  • FILM 403 The Biz: American Film and TV Industries Fall only
  • BUS 321 Economics and Finance of Film
  • BUS 335 Strategies for Entertainment & Media
  • BUS 343 Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy
  • BUS 432 Negotiations
  • BUS 441 Ideation
  • BUS 446 Advertising & Marketing Communications

Capstone Core: Senior Year

  • FILM 407  Content Creation: Seminar for Producers and Directors Spring only

Co-Curricular Activities

  • LA Trek
  • Internships
  • BUS 480G Entertainment Management Senior Seminar